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Easter Saturday, 31 March 2018

Would all Clubs please note that owing to the large number of League games still to be played, as a result of the extreme weather encountered this past Winter, it has been decided by the RFU North Divisional Organising Committee, that Easter Saturday, 31 March 2018, will have to be used as a designated League Saturday.  

This decision is regretted, but found to be necessary, as there is currently a backlog of 150 outstanding League games still to be played in the North.

In addition, Clubs are also advised that it may be necessary to ask League Secretaries to prioritise those outstanding League fixtures involving teams who are involved in either Promotion and or Relegation issues.

Also as previously announced, Clubs are reminded that the current season does not officially end until Monday 28 May 2018, and therefore in some cases, Clubs may be asked to fulfil League fixtures during the month of May 2018.


Mike Smith, Chairman, RFU North Competitions Committee.