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Potential Changes to Level Transfer Regulations (5 March 2017)

Notice of possible change to current method of determining which Clubs to Level Transfer.

The RFU North Competitions Committee (DOC) have become concerned that a Level Transfer imposed on a single club in successive seasons could be regarded as an unfair and significant disadvantage.  This is particularly so when other club(s) in close proximity could also reasonably make the required move.

RFU Regulation 13.2.11(g) allows the DOC to vary the strict application of ‘Lowest Total Mileage’ and nominate another Club for Level Transfer, “which would remove or reduce the significant disadvantage for the benefit of the game of rugby union football in the locality.”  The DOC have formed the view that this principle would be served if the burden of a Level Transfer is shared from one season to the next between clubs located close to each other.

It is stressed that by invoking 13.2.11(g) the DOC do not intend to comprehensively change the criteria laid down for selecting a Club(s) for Level Transfer, but if circumstances arise where a conflict, or a significant disadvantage to the Club selected arise, then the RFUNCC would remove that disadvantage by selecting another Club for Level Transfer.  


 RFU 13.2.11 Level Transfers Regulations can be found at: